Sarah Vigil

As Vice President of Marketing for Trifecta Management Group (TMG) and Trifecta Marketing Services (TMS), Sarah spearheads the development of marketing strategies for clients and TMG/TMS. As a member of the corporate group since 2015, she’s led and contributed to numerous projects of varying size and scope, with focus on digital mediums and data analysis.

Vigil partners with clients to develop, manage and execute customized marketing strategies including advertising plans, promotional programs, branding through graphics, photos & video/commercials, and more. Sarah has been integral in the creation and implementation of new consumer promotions using various tactical approaches such as competitor/industry research and post-mortem reviews, alongside the traditional method of creative thinking.

As an expert in digital and social marketing, Sarah monitors the latest trends in the ever-changing landscape. She regularly researches and adopts new technologies, applications and software that will improve business. With the goal of driving brand awareness and positive same store sales, Sarah prioritizes the collection, analysis, and synthesis of data for informed and sound decision making.

Over the years, Sarah has developed strong marketing instincts and business acumen that allow her to provide insightful perspectives to those in a broad spectrum of industries. When she is not supporting clients, she invests time sharing her wealth of knowledge with business owners through blogs, webinars, and seminars. Her ability to communicate complex concepts and strategies has landed her speaking engagements at prominent tradeshows.

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Sarah began her career within the group sales department at plank, the acclaimed entertainment / dining venue in the Bay Area. Both her education and ground-level experience provide her a unique lens through which to view marketing.