Rebecca Richmond Metzner

Rebecca Metzner is a Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Trifecta Management Group, responsible for marketing and sales activities, including brand creation, promotions development, group sales management and training, advertising, business development and client relations.

Rebecca brings over nine years of experience in FEC sales & marketing and has played a key role with TMG for five of those years as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Axis alley? in Newport, Kentucky. During her tenure as DOSM, Rebecca proactively participated in the sales, marketing, and public relations departments, as well as day-to-day operations, contributed to year-over-year revenue growth and increased effectiveness in overall marketing and advertising.

Prior to joining TMG, Rebecca held the position of Store Manager for a prestigious retail store in the Cincinnati, Ohio area for eight years where she was responsible for daily operations and customer service, sales and trend forecasting, visual display planning, staff management and cost analysis. Rebecca’s customer-focused experience, direct knowledge of TMG systems and operations,  strong analytical skills and creative mindset allows for Rebecca to approach TMG clients from a grounded, pragmatic level, offering a perspective that is easily relatable.

Rebecca received a B.S. degree from the University of Kentucky, and resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.