Create/Develop Concepts

Need something new and exciting in your community? Trifecta Management Group is here to help. TMG will develop with you a one-of-a-kind experience, whether it is a great entertainment experience, restaurant or bar. Chances are it will be a mixture of all of these.

TMG will work closely with you to develop a concept in formats from 1,000 to 100,000 square feet, providing a traffic-generating anchor and/or unique, complimentary concept for multi-faceted projects or free-standing destinations.

As with all TMG concepts, the key to success will be customizing the experience to address an unfilled void in your local community and, probably more importantly, localizing the experiences to make it truly unique in your market. Critically important to the success of the project is the careful integration of the entertainment and restaurant/bar offerings into a seamless, compelling experience, one that also provides maximum operating efficiencies. Central to all of our creations will be repeatable experiences, with quality food and beverages.

Our services only begin at the design and development phase, as TMG can also be involved in all aspects of your business from hiring, training, pre-opening events, marketing, menu development and on-going management.

With our vast experience in theme parks, malls, location-based entertainment, games, bowling, live entertainment and, of course, food and beverage, we are confident we can help you create a destination that is the talk of the town.