Marketing & Advertising

 Annual Plans

Drive Sales through the development of strategic, branded promotions as part of an annual promotion calendar

 Social Media 

Being present and active on social media is important because it provides a platform to represent your business, engage with repeat & potential guests, build community and see what users are saying about you. Through advertising, we can increase your brands awareness, drive website traffic and generate leads. Through a defined presence and strategic advertising, brand awareness is maximized.

Presence: Like a website, social media allows us to communicate with potential guests and provide them pertinent information such as location, menus, upcoming events and more. It also gives us a platform to humanize our business to communicate with and listen to patrons helping is to better understand their needs.

Advertising: Advertising through social media is necessary to reach both repeat & potential guests. Through strategic planning, this is one of the most affordable ways to promote your brand, increase awareness and drive traffic to your website. With robust targeting, including behavior, demographics and interests, we can easily reach users with branded dynamic content.

 Digital Advertising

Through strategic ad placement, pre-negotiated costs and strong analytical review, we can connect you with thousands of loyal, engaged audiences to expand your reach and extend your exposure.

 Email Marketing 

Through our Wi-Fi enabled eClub solution, we can help you build real relationships with your customers and have an impact on their visit frequency which we know to be a difficult challenge for offline businesses. Through the collection of the email contacts via Wi-Fi, tracking of visit frequency and strategic email marketing, we can drive business to your location and compute direct ROI.

 Brunswick Sync Management 

We’ve partnered up with Brunswick to offer you Sync a cloud-based all-in-one scoring, management, point-of-sale and automated marketing system. After purchasing your subscription fee, we will take over the set-up and management reigns for you.

 Website Development

Your website should be so much more than just a digital representation of you and your business. Your website should tell a story, guide the users to a destination and turn visitors into customers. A great website makes a great business!

 Public Relations 

Work with top successful PR firms to drive business performances through the management of public relations, marketing and media

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