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For the Love of Labor

As both guest and employee expectations evolve, how are you adapting? With these expectations higher than ever, and labor dynamics having swung significantly in favor of labor, management is in a challenging position. To combat this, it requires that a rewarding and supportive work environment be provided, a positive and strong company culture be established, that everyone works smarter, utilizes technology, and embraces fundamentals like never before. Read more to explore this new reality and labor tactics we’ve implemented.

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Webinar: The A.R.T of Building a Team in Challenging Times

Times have changed and it is harder now than ever to attract, hire, train and keep Team Members. There is no time to waste when filling positions, but are you spending your time and money, wisely? Join Kim as she shares with you ways to strategically prepare and execute plans to Attain, Train and Retain your Team.

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Enhancing Sales

So, you want to increase internal sales? Training your team to focus on the Guest experience as a method for enhancing sales will result in building Guest loyalty, positive reviews and increase team member engagement. The sum of the effort will be a healthy and growing business.

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Business in the Post Pandemic World

One would have to have live in Antarctica to not see the affect and changes that COVID 19 has brought into our world. While many have suffered the loss of loved ones, few, if any of us have not been affected. The pandemic has changed how we relate to one another, how we communicate with one another and how we shop and go about our daily lives. It has affected commerce, be it working from home, virtual interactions between businesses and clients, supply chain issues, health and safety practices, and, at its worst, closing down business altogether.

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