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Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Optimized Now

For the large majority of people who are unfamiliar with the thousands of digital and web terms, it likely seems overwhelming to understand and remember each one. Spoiler alert: not all terms are created equal. Sure, each and every term is critical for developers and coders, but business owners need to understand just a handful.

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How to Maximize Your Instagram Brand Bio

There are many things brands and influencers should consider in creating their picture perfect (but professional) social media profiles. One of the key priorities is the Instagram bio, the top snippet of your profile that tells your audience exactly who you are in under 500 characters. The best of the best bios will showcase your brand’s personality while promoting your business offerings and ultimately convince others to follow you. Our tip? Treat your Instagram bio as if it were an outfit to impress on the first date or an important interview for your dream job.

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