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State of the Industry from Where We Sit……..

A proper Market Feasibility Study does not look just at what can be built – e.g., how big of a building can be built on a lot or how much programming can fit within an existing building – it seeks to determine what should be built. Think of the process as that of building a house, with the Market Feasibility Study being the foundation. If that foundation is not secure the soundness of the entire house is in question.

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For the Love of Labor

As both guest and employee expectations evolve, how are you adapting? With these expectations higher than ever, and labor dynamics having swung significantly in favor of labor, management is in a challenging position. To combat this, it requires that a rewarding and supportive work environment be provided, a positive and strong company culture be established, that everyone works smarter, utilizes technology, and embraces fundamentals like never before. Read more to explore this new reality and labor tactics we’ve implemented.

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