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Month: October 2021

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Webinar: The A.R.T of Building a Team in Challenging Times

Times have changed and it is harder now than ever to attract, hire, train and keep Team Members. There is no time to waste when filling positions, but are you spending your time and money, wisely? Join Kim as she shares with you ways to strategically prepare and execute plans to Attain, Train and Retain your Team.

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Enhancing Sales

So, you want to increase internal sales? Training your team to focus on the Guest experience as a method for enhancing sales will result in building Guest loyalty, positive reviews and increase team member engagement. The sum of the effort will be a healthy and growing business.

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How to Use Social Media Competitor Reports

You may have heard of Sprout Social, but if you haven’t, it’s a powerful tool for planning, evaluating, and improving your social media. You can publish & schedule posts, monitor engagement and analyze your results across several platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter, from a single dashboard. Not only does Sprout Social save you time, but more importantly, it allows you to uncover trends and actionable insights to improve your social media strategy. One set of insight report that’s we’ve come to rely heavily on are the Competitors reports. These analyze your publishing and engagement efforts against your competitors to see how you stack up.

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