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Spreading the Word: The Power of Referrals

We’ve all heard the saying “Good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster,” and that certainly rings true in the Group Sales world. On the contrary, harnessing your referrals and positive feedback is a great way to help build brand confidence in potential clients as well as loyalty in your existing ones! The goal in Group Sales is always to build business and the best promoters of your business are the people who have experienced your venue and had a wonderful experience. Follow along in our latest blog to learn best practices for creating a great event experience and turning it into additional business.

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Marketing Strategy & Implementation  

Here’s what you need to know – It’s all about planning, programming, process and communication to ensure you end up with the most competitive and successful concept run by the utmost talented people.

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State of the Industry from Where We Sit……..

A proper Market Feasibility Study does not look just at what can be built – e.g., how big of a building can be built on a lot or how much programming can fit within an existing building – it seeks to determine what should be built. Think of the process as that of building a house, with the Market Feasibility Study being the foundation. If that foundation is not secure the soundness of the entire house is in question.

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