Pizzeria Villagio

The idea of Villagio comes from a marriage between time and place; the old neighborhoods of New York City and the abundant plains of California. In its day, NYC consisted of many old ethnic neighborhoods where butchers, grocers, produce stands and family restaurants sold and served food that met the standards of their friends and neighbors, and where a bad reputation traveled faster than the wind. A place of family, of heritage and tradition.

What California brings to the table figuratively and literally, is its abundance of fresh produce, fresh starts, and the opportunity to reinvent. And so it was with these two places and time in mind that we set out to build a restaurant that would meld the two. With pizza dough made from scratch, hand stretched and cooked in a traditional pizza oven, our proprietary pizza sauce and the freshest of ingredients, Villagio invites you to dig in and enjoy our food, our warmth, and our relaxing ambiance. A place where old world tradition meets new world freshness.